Filmmaking is my passion. Movement, expression, composition, narrative. I'm simply in love with the process, from conception to color grade. I study films, I read about films, I obsess about films. I make film content to explore the world and myself. Every project is an opportunity to discover new things and create a coherent and lasting record of intent. It's also a chance to build rewarding relationships with creative partners and clients. 

Photography is a logical extension of that process. It's easy to take technically good photos, but to capture moments and emotions together with light and composition... that's the true beauty of the field. 


I'm interested in working with passionate people. If you love what you do, I'm sure we'll understand each other. Together we can execute a shared vision for your project. The magic happens when we're all invested emotionally and creatively. 


I'm an experienced DP. I operate the following cameras: Arri (Alexa, Amira), Canon (C300/100, 5D) and Sony (fs7, a7r/s). I own and operate Ronin stabilizers, DJI drones and a Sony a7s. Recent clients include 2U, PwC, The Weather Channel and WebMD.


Editing is about rhythm, rhythm and diligence. I have the patience and intuition to focus on every single cut, down to the frame. I edit music videos, narrative films and commercial content.